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Estate Planning


It’s no surprise why 70% of adult Americans put off estate planning or even writing a Last Will & Testament.* For many, it’s simply procrastination – thinking about your own death is not enjoyable and the cost of an estate attorney is often another reason to put it off. Others think believe they don’t have many assets to protect in an estate plan – a common myth. If you own a home and have savings and retirement accounts, without the right documents your loved ones may end up in probate court.

Another common myth is the assumption your spouse automatically inherits everything if you don’t have a Will – this is not entirely true. Far too often, these myths lead to loved ones going through unnecessary stress and legal expense when an unexpected tragedy strikes.

At Simple Learning Solutions, we feel it’s our responsibility to make you aware of the importance of Estate Planning. Even better – we can help you become aware of the crucial documents you need without the high hourly fees of an estate attorney.

Why a Last Will & Testament Is Important

The advantages of a Living Trust

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) vs. General Power of Attorney

Advance Health Care Directives

Advance Healthcare Directives help ensure your preferences for medical care or end-of-life treatment are respected. The official titles vary from state to state that’s why important to check your state law. These types of documents include:

Life Insurance – An Important Part of Your Estate Plan

Life insurance is also an important component of your estate plan. It can provide tax-free protection for beneficiaries and it does not fall under the jurisdiction of probate court. In addition to being another asset in your estate plan, it helps eliminate the burden on your survivors who may need to cover immediate expenses related to your death.

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