Tax Free Retirement

An Educational Presentation on Eliminating Taxes in Retirement

Understanding Social Security Strategies & Developing a Tax Free Pension Plan

When you save for your retirement with a 401(k) or an IRA are you really saving on taxes? The short answer – not really. You’re simply delaying federal taxes you’ll owe to Uncle Sam.

This is why it’s important to have a clear understanding of how your sources of income will be taxed during your retirement years.

What many people often overlook is the way Social Security retirement benefits are taxed. Did you know that, depending on your income, 50% to 85% of your benefit may be subject to federal taxes?

Quick example: if you’re retired and make over $45,360 combined, 85% of your Social Security benefit is taxable.

When you add in the federal taxes you’ll owe on withdrawals from tax-deferred retirement accounts and any pension benefits you receive, it takes a big bite out of the money you rely on in retirement.

Considering you’ll need about 80% of what you earned during your working years to pay your expenses when you retire, the challenge becomes clear.

How Can You Eliminate Your Tax Burden In Retirement?

This is where we come in. Our Tax Free Retirement workshops provides educational information on strategies that can help you reduce federal taxes on your sources of retirement income.

You’ll learn easy-to-understand facts about how much of your retirement income is subject to taxes, tax free savings options, and so much more.

Topics Include:

  • The tax advantages of timing when you file for Social Security.
  • How to calculate the portion of your Social Security that’s subject to federal tax.
  • The pros and cons of traditional retirement savings accounts.
  • Savings vehicles that can potentially add thousands of tax-free dollars to your retirement nest egg.