Taxes In Retirement

An Educational Presentation On Taxes & Retirement

Understanding Retirement Strategies & Clarifying Effective Tax Rates

It’s a fact – without developing a strategic retirement plan that factors in the impact of taxes, your income will likely be reduced when you enter your golden years.

With fewer deductions and dependents to claim on your tax return you may find yourself paying federal taxes on a higher percentage of your income in retirement.
Many retirees are shocked to learn their pensions and IRA distributions are 100% taxable.

Meanwhile Social Security benefits can be taxed as much as 50% to 85% depending upon your combined income.

If you expect investments to be a major source of your retirement income, you may find that market volatility, rising inflation, and the increased cost of living, end up taking a bigger bite than you expected.

Add to this unexpected medical expenses, or the untimely death of a spouse, can further reduce the income you’ll depend on for the rest of your life.

How Can You Solve The Retirement Puzzle?

This is where we come in. Our Taxes & Retirement workshop provides educational information on strategies that can help you plan a financially-secure retirement.

You’ll learn easy-to-understand facts about increasing sources of retirement income, timing your Social Security benefits, how to minimize the federal taxes you pay in retirement, and so much more.

Our Learning Labs provide the latest informational information that can help you develop strategies that will serve your financial goals for retirement.

Topics Include:

  • The three myths of financial investing – why high risk doesn’t always equal high rewards.
  • How IRAs work and why you may lose 40% to 70% of your IRA value.
  • Reasons why you may end up paying too much in federal income taxes on your retirement income.
  • What may happen to your retirement income when your spouse passes away.
  • How annuities and insurance products help provide a financially-secure retirement.